Seafarers’ Awards 2020 – Winners Revealed!

The winners of the 2020 Seafarers’ Awards were revealed on 6th November in a virtual ceremony viewed around the globe.

The judges commented on the difficult task imposed by the quality of the entries and so congratulations go to all of the finalists, but with deserved extra plaudits to the winners:

SEAFARERS AWARD: Capt. Jaswinder Singh, Captain, Fleetship

SHORESIDE AWARD: Capt. Bjørn Højgaard, CEO, Anglo-Eastern Univan Group; Chairman, Hong Kong Shipowners Association


CADET AWARD: Jarin Chowdhury, Engineering Cadet, ASP Ships Group

SECRETARY GENERAL AWARD: Frank J Coles, CEO Wallem Group, Hong Kong

Capt. Rob Walker, Chairman of the Mission to Seafarers Singapore, held one of the trophies aloft – they will be winging their way to the winners presently.

Screenshot (205)

For full details of the winning entries please email: