June 2020 – Renewed anchorage visits & MPA presentation

Day of Seafarer 2020 collage

18th: Very pleasing to restart anchorage visits after several months due to the pandemic.  Measures were in place to ensure minimal contact between seafarers and the MtSS Chaplain, Soon Kok Toh.  A line was lowered from the ship for the Chaplain to secure care packs – kindly provided collectively by MPA, SMOU, SOS/Seacare and SSA – for the seafarers to hoist aboard.

25th:  On behalf of MPA, Senior Minister of State Dr Lam Pin Min presented a cheque, representing the yearly grant, to MtSS, which was received on its behalf by the Hon. Sec., Mr Vitalii Chaika.  Thank you, MPA!